Todd Brinkman CV


Todd Brinkman, CV


Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology | University of Alaska Fairbanks

M.S. Wildlife Science | South Dakota State University

B.S. Biology & Environmental Science | Minnesota State University


2014 – Ongoing
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology, UAF

2013 – Ongoing
Associate Director, Resilience and Adaptation Program , UAF

2011 – 2013
Research Assistant Professor, UAF

2009 – 11
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, UAF

2003 – 09
PhD Research Assistant, UAF

2000 – 03
MS Research Assistant, South Dakota State University, Brookings

1999 – 00
Wildlife Research Technician, Minnesota DNR

1997 – 99
Wildlife Survey Intern, Minnesota DNR


Course Instructor
2015 – Ongoing         Survey of Wildlife Science(WLF101)
2014 – Ongoing         Principles & Techniques of Wildlife Management (WLF322)
2012 – 13                     Integrated Assessment & Adaptive Management (NRM649)
2011 – 12                     Ecological Background in Resilience and Adaptation (NRM616)
2010                            Mammalogy (WLF425)

Workshop Instructor
2018         Adaptation Workshop: Community Research Partnerships for Sustainable
                        Traditional Harvest Practices, Fairbanks, AK
2014         Integrating Social and Ecological Data to Inform Moose Management.
                        48th North AmericanMoose Conference, Girdwood, AK
2013         Estimating Deer Abundance Using Non-Invasive DNA.
                       Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corvallis, OR
2012         Tongass National Forest Vulnerability Assessment. USDA Forest Service,
                        Juneau, AK

Guest Lecture
2018         Decision Analysis for Conservation (WLF694), Anthropocene (NRM692), Resilience
                        Seminar II (BIO668)
2017         INDS Research Seminar, Ecology and Management of Large Mammals (WLF421),
                        Mammalogy (BIO425)
2016         Ecology and Management of Large Mammals (WLF421), Climate Change Seminar
                       Series (F692), Ecosystem Ecology (BIO672), Research Seminar (INDS698)
2015         Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems (F411/611), Resilience Seminar
                        (BIO667), Community-Based Research Methods (RD640), Landscape Ecology
2014         Climate Change Seminar Series (F692), Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
2013         Ornithology (WLF426)
2011         Ecology and Management of Large Mammals (WLF421), Conservation Genetics
2010         Ecology and Management of Large Mammals (WLF421)
2009         Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology





2018 – Ongoing        University of Colorado
2018 – Ongoing         University of Montana
2017 – Ongoing         Columbia University
2017 – Ongoing         University of Idaho
2015 – Ongoing         University of Washington
2015 – Ongoing         University of Guelph
2012 – Ongoing         Colorado State University
2012 – 16                     Arizona State University
2004 – 09                   North Caroling State University
2000 – 09                  South Dakota State University

2017 – Ongoing         Genome Canada
2015 – Ongoing         NASA
2015 – Ongoing         US Fish and Wildlife Service
2014 – Ongoing         Bureau of Land Management
2013 – Ongoing         US Geological Survey
2013 – Ongoing         National Park Service
2012 – 14                     US Army
2012 – 13                     Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
2009 – Ongoing         Alaska North Slope Borough Wildlife Department
2003 – Ongoing         Alaska Department of Fish and Game
2003 – Ongoing         USDA Forest Service (District and Regional level)
2000 – 03                     South Dakota Fish and Game
1997 – 03                     Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Nonprofit Organizations & Conservation Groups
2016 – 18                     Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
2015 – Ongoing         Sustainable Southeast Partnership
2015 – 18                     Alaska Defenders of Wildlife
2015 – 18                     Upper Tanana/Forty Mile Advisory Committee
2015 – 18                     Delta Fish and Game Advisory Committee
2015 – 18                     Middle Nenana River Advisory Committee
2015 – 18                     Community of Lake Minchumina
2009 – Ongoing         The Nature Conservancy

Tribal Organizations
2016 – Ongoing         Tanana Chiefs Conference
2016 – Ongoing         Ruby Tribal Council
2016 – Ongoing         Nulato Tribal Council
2016 – Ongoing         Koyukuk Traditional Council
2016 – Ongoing         Huslia Traditional Council
2016 – Ongoing         Holy Cross Traditional Council
2016 – Ongoing         Grayling IRA Council
2016 – Ongoing         Beaver Traditional Council
2013 – Ongoing         Kuukpikmiut Subsistence Oversight Panel
2009 – Ongoing         Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments
2009 – 11                     Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in Tribal Government
2009 – Ongoing         Venetie Traditonal Council
2009 – 12                     Wainwright Village Council
2003 – 09                    Kaktovik Village Council
2003 – 09                    Klawock Cooperative Association
2003 – 09                    Craig Community Association
2003 – 09                    Hydaburg Cooperative Association

Tribal Organizations
2016 – 18                    MTNT, Ltd
2015 – Ongoing         Huna Totem
2015 – Ongoing         Sealaska Corporation
2015 – 17                    BP Alaska
2014 – 17                    ConocoPhillips Alaska


University of Alaska
2018 – Ongoing         Alaska EPSCoR Boreal Co-Lead
2018                             IAB Representative on Emeritus Review Committee
2018                             UAF Inside Out Campus Preview - Presenter
2017                             Global Change Student Grant Competition Reviewer
2017 – Ongoing         IAB Director’s Coucil
2016                             Alaska EPSCoR Seed Grant Proposal Review
2016                             Alaska EPSCoR Post Doc Hiring Committee
2016                             Website Video/Dept of Bio & Wlf Meet our Faculty videos
2016                             Faculty Hiring Committee (CNSM Biology and Wildlife)
2015 – Ongoing         Steering Committee Member, Alaska Observatory and Knowledge Hub
2015 – 17                     Co-Lead, NSF Alaska EPSCoR Northern Test Case
2015 – Ongoing         Faculty Advisor to the Student Chapter of Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2015 – 16                     Faculty Coordinator for the Life Sciences Hour Seminar Series
2015                             Outside Examiner. MFA Defense: Perrin Teal Sullivan
2015                             Interdisciplinary PhD Council Member
2014                             Website Video/Resilience and Adaptation Program Promotional Videos
2014 – Ongoing         Director, Community Partnerships for Self-Reliance (CPS)
2014 – Ongoing         Associate Director, Resilience and Adaption Program (RAP)

2018                             Department of State Health Surveillance in the Arctic Meeting, Invited
2018                           Department of Energy Alaska National Lab Day, Panelist
2018                           Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments Moose Management Meeting,
                                               Panelist and Presenter
2018 – Ongoing        NASA New Investigator Program Panel Reviewer
2018 – Ongoing                    Research Oversight Committee, Genomics Canada
2018                            Reviewer: Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium
2018- Ongoing          North Slope Science Initiative Science Technical Advisory Panel
                                               Aircraft Disturbance Working Group, Chair
2017                            Guest Presentation – West Valley High School
2017                            MS Thesis External Examiner for Memorial University of Newfoundland
2017                             Panelist: Alaska Institute for Justice & Alaska Native Science Commission
                                              Workshopon Rights, Resilience, and Community-Based Adaptation
2016 – Ongoing          Member: NASA ABoVE Working Groups - Stakeholder Engagement;
                                                Student and Citizen Science; Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
2015                           Book Reviewer: University of Alaska Press
2015                           Panelist: UAF Co-management Symposium
2015                           Expert Testimony: Alaska Board of Game
2014 – 17                   Organizing Committee: Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
2014 – 16                   Northern Representative, Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2012 – 14                   Coordinating Committee, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center
2012                           Expert Testimony: Alaska Senate Finance Committee
2008                          Expert Testimony: Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Council
2002 – Ongoing       Journal Manuscript Reviewer (alphabetical): Acta Theriologica; Alces;
              American Midland Naturalist; Arctic; Arctic, Antarctic, Alpine Research; Behaviour; Climate
              Change; Conservation Genetics; Ecological Applications; Ecology, Ecology and Society;
               Ecosystem Services and Management; Environmental Management; Human Wildlife
              Conflicts; International Journal of Biodiversity Science; Journal of Applied Ecology; Journal
              of Mammalogy; Journal of Wildlife Management; Landscape Ecology; Mammalia; Molecular
              Ecology Resources; Prairie Naturalist; Restoration Ecology; Weather, Climate, and Society;
               Western North America Naturalist; Wildlife Biology; Wildlife Society Bulletin


2016                       ATV, Boat, and Chainsaw Training Certification
2016                       Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Certification (Part 107), FAA
2015                       Wilderness First Aid/CPR
2015                       Private Pilot Ground School Written Certification, FAA


See also: funding

Principle Investigator (PI)
2018 --$25,000.                       USDA Forest Service. Integrating Snow and Timber Slash Data into
                                          Deer Habitat Models
2016 --$93,941.                       Sealaska Corporation. Deer response to young growth forest
                                          treatments in Southeast Alaska
2016 --$15,652.                       Alaska Defenders of Wildlife. Optimizing a Technique for Detecting and
                                          Monitoring Polar Bear Dens in the Arctic Using Unmanned Aircraft
2016 --$129,118.                       National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Optimizing a Technique for
                                          Detecting and Monitoring Polar Bear Dens in the Arctic Using
                                          Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2015 --$794,010.                       NASA ABoVE Biophysical Characteristics and Mechanisms of
                                            Environmental Disturbances Influencing Human Access to Ecosystem                                            Services in Boreal Alaska
2015 --$5,000.                       Alaska Songbird Institute. Songbird student internship
2015 --$1,525,275.                       National Science Foundation. CNH-L Adaptive Coupling of
                                           Human Environment Linkages in Response to Globally Driven
                                          Changes in Subsistence in Rural Alaska
2014 --$50,000.                       USDA Forest Service. Effects of wildfire on subsistence
                                           opportunities in Alaska
2014 --$55,000.                       Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Alaska Sheep Hunter Survey
2012 --$27,000.                       Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments. Land use mapping
2012 --$45,500.                       US Army Corp of Engineers. Tanana Flats Training Area Moose Study
2012 --$40,000.                       USDA Forest Service. Climate Change and Sustainable
2010 --$26,000.                       Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Design and implementation of
                                            a monitoring program for Sitka black-tailed deer on Chichagof Island,

2017 --$368,822.                       National Science Foundation. Collaborative Research: Nutritional
                                          Landscapes of Arctic Caribou: Observations, Experiments, and Models
                                          Provide Process-level Understanding of Forage Traits

                                          (PI, Dr. Gary Kofinas, UAF)
2015 --$1,024,116.                       NASA ABoVE Assessing alpine ecosystem productivity to
                                          environmental change using Dall sheep as an iconic indicator species
                                          (PI, Dr. Laura Prugh, University of Washington)
2011 --$64,502.                      USFS Tongass Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
                                          (PI, Dr. Scott Rupp, UAF)
2007 --$64,000.                      USDA Forest Service Inventory and Monitoring Program
                                          Estimating deer abundance in Southeast Alaska
                                          (PI, Dr. Dave Person, ADFG)
2007 --$15,000.                      Alaska Department of Fish and Game Designing genetic primers for
                                           Sitka black-tailed deer (PI, Dr. Dave Person, ADFG)
2007 --$2,142,115.                     National Science Foundation International Polar Year Impacts of
                                          high-latitude change on ecosystem services and society
                                          (PI, Dr. Terry Chapin, UAF)
2005 --$224,000.                       USDA Forest Service Wildlife Information Services Estimating
                                          deer abundance in Southeast Alaska (PI, Dr. Dave Person, ADFG)

Co-I or Senior Scientist
2017 --$2,254,000.                      National Science Foundation LTER: Cross-scale controls over
                                           responses of the Alaskan boreal forest to changing disturbance regimes
                                           (PI, Dr. Roger Ruess, UAF)
2017                                             Awarded amount under negotiation. DoI USGS Alaska Climate
                                          Science Center
                                           (PI, Dr. Scott Rupp)
2012 --$20,999,897.                       National Science Foundation EPSCoR. Alaska Adapting to
                                           Changing Environments (PI, Dr. Anupma Prakash, UAF)


2017              Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science 2015 Dennis Demmert Award,
                     Rural Student Services, Exemplary commitment and service to the students of
                     University of Alaska Fairbanks
2009             Best Oral Presentation, Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2004             Dean Wilson Scholarship, Alaska Trappers Association
2004             NSF Doctoral Student Scholarship. Awarded to attend the Vespucci Summer School
                      on Geographic Information Science, Fiesole, Italy. Awarded by State University of
                      New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, National Center for Geographic Information and
                      Analysis (NCGIA)
2004             Wildlife Society Meeting Scholarship. Alaska Chapter/Northwest Section Wildlife
2003             NSF IGERT Fellowship, Resilience & Adaptation Program, University of Alaska
2003             Best Student Paper, South Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Awarded at
                        annual meeting, Aberdeen
2002             Outstanding Wildlife Master of Science Graduate Student, South Dakota Chapter
                      of The Wildlife Society
2000             Magna Cum Laude Graduate, Minnesota State University
2000             Honors Scholar Award, Minnesota State University Honor's Program

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Awards (while under my supervision)
2018             Luke Rogers: UAF Joel Wiegert Award (Outstanding Graduating Student Man),
                     Wildlife Biology and Conservation Outstanding Undergraduate Student
2018             Tessa Hasbrouck: Best Student Poster (1st place), Midnight Sun Science Symposium
2017             Tessa Hasbrouck: Best Student Poster (3rd place), Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society
2017             Taylor Stinchcomb: Best Student Paper (3rd place), Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife


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